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This rare and valuable domain name is for sale.
See how pe
rfectly in resolves in your smartphone browser!


The official translation of this symbol is a "Reference Mark”.  This unique and powerful symbol will be of interest to companies which have a brand mark or logo similar to this symbol.


Note how similar this symbol is to the following brand logos below:

Bank of Scotland logo brand
RBS Royal Bank of Scotland Brand Logo
Brand logo for Reference Health Payments  Healthcare payment processing modernized Reference Health Payments
The logo for EnzoDollar and Enzo Open Network Blockchain, Payment, Medium of Exchange ecosystem Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia
Rhetoric app for awesome presentations
XOOI Istanbul Information Technology & Services


  • In 2001 ICANN released a few hundred domain names

  • None have been released since

  • These symbols resolve perfectly on a smartphone

  • They do not yet resolve on many internet browsers

  • A small number of these symbols have become Emojis 

  • Visit the examples below to learn more:

✈️.com   Airplane

♨️.com   Hot Springs

☁.com     Cloud 

☑.com     Ballot box with check

♻.com     Recycling symbol

Below are a few examples of domains that have websites which are best viewed on a smartphone:

☞.com   Pointing Finger

♡.com    White Heart Suit

♤.com    White Spade

♧.com    White Club

†.com    Latin Sign of the Cross

♬.com   Beamed Sixteenth Notes

♩.com     Quarter Note

₪.com   Shekel or Sheqel

※.com   Reference Mark 

٪.com    Percentage Sign

÷.com    Division Sign

×.com    Multiplication Sign

◯.com   Large Circle

―.com   Horizontal Bar

℮.com     Estimated Sign

.∕.com      Division Slash

₣.com     French Franc

₧.com   Spanish Peseta

∮.com     Contour Integral Sign

».com     Double Angle Quotation Mark


‚.com      Single Low Quotation Mark

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